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I've puzzled about these sorts of swaps, too. Just looked over my Pro S manual(p. 56-7. The Pro S manual should be available on the butkus site)and found the weird assortment of "P" and "M" adapters that allowed the RB and Mamiya Press backs to get friendly. Kim should check out the Model K roll film back for the Mamiya Press that switched between 6x4.5/6x6 and 6x9(!?).
I've never seen the Mamiya press camera, but all of this stuff is clearly incestuous. Once Mamiya wound up owning it all there was no good reason not to leverage one line's technology to strengthen another line. It's just good business practice.

Hence my expectation that the inserts are all interchangeable, at least all the latter ones. The very old knob winders are probably unworkable. I could be wrong, but I'd bet a cup of coffee and a doughnut it will work.