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I've never seen the Mamiya press camera, but all of this stuff is clearly incestuous. Once Mamiya wound up owning it all there was no good reason not to leverage one line's technology to strengthen another line. It's just good business practice.

Hence my expectation that the inserts are all interchangeable, at least all the latter ones. The very old knob winders are probably unworkable. I could be wrong, but I'd bet a cup of coffee and a doughnut it will work.
Safe bet. Mamiya obviously wanted to encourage brand loyalty by offering a slew of these retrofit options. The trick now is to find the bits. It's amazing, though, what washes up on the big auction site and important to recognize what's on offer even if the seller doesn't 8^)

Kim, here's the link for the then current back/adapter options for the RB. Check p. 56-7 of the manual: