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Thanks Andy for pointing out that issue about the rangefinder. Good to know its quirks, and go beyond fixing the obvious holes in the bellows. Do you have scans of pictures taken with some of the Ikontas in your collection, so that I could have a standard for what the camera is capable? I am prepared to take it to a specialist to do precision restoration work, if needed, but I don't want to chase an image quality that might not be achievable. I must confess, I've never shot a camera that old (except maybe for my grandfather's Agfa Box, when I was a kid). My oldest lens is a 65mm Zeiss Jena Flektogon for P6, manufactured in the mid-sxties, which is still quite a capable piece of photographic equipment. I feel this camera is going to be fun...
Sorry, I haven't found scans from my Ikontas (I hope they aren't lost...).
I remember that B&W pics of my (coated) 531/2 were excellent.
But these cameras aren't easy to use, with too small viewfinders, IMHO.