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bzts (sp) i have no clue what they are. As well as slosher, ....what is a slosher? Sorry but' I'm italian :-(
Lord, even an Italian ought to be able to google "film slosher", like I said to. If you had, the first choice given would have shown a picture of Steve Peterson's six negative slosher.

The advantage of them is that the negatives stay untouched as you move them from tray to tray and you can process 1 to 6 negatives without having to stack them or handle them in any way. It is very useful for N+ or N- development, where you have only a small number of negatives to be developed differently and the process is relatively random for even development of the negative. You just agitate by a pumping up and down motion in the tray alternated with a repetitive motion similar to a priest's signing of the cross, using the "Dominus" motion several times and, then, skipping the Dominus bit and only doing the "Vobiscum" part several times.