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I am at an impasse here as to how to go about creating a larger negative for contact printing from a smaller negative such as a 35mm or MF negs.

I am wanting to do larger prints in the range of 30x36 in Pt/Pl and gum bichromate but the negs I have are to small and I don't have access to LF or ULF cameras yet.
Sandy King makes beautiful carbon prints from 6x7 cm negatives he enlarges digitally to whatever size he wants. He develops his rollfilm in Pyrocat (HD? MC? I'm not sure which) using the two solution minimal agitation method to produce quite flat, but amazingly sharp negatives. He then scans them with a high resolution scanner, adds appropriate contrast with Photoshop and then prints the negative on Pictorico stock. I can't tell the difference between prints made from these negatives and prints made from the same size in camera negatives.