For my thesis class I am going to be making several "perfect" bind books and I was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice as to which B&W paper to use. I'm looking for something to replicate the stock used in most any paperback photo book...ideally I would also be using a rubber stamp to add information to the page.

I have already made one book and am set on the binding method, but I have yet to find a paper that I like the look of for this method. Any sort of Kodak made paper is straight out (out of production and has printing on the back); Ilford pearl is just a little too glossy to stamp on...matte seems too dull...any suggestions would be great.

For those of you who don't know, perfect binding is widely used in paperback book making, great for binding single sheets or groups of of paper together. Pick up any paper back book and you'll see what I'm talking about; it's basically layer upon layer of glue on the binding and a paper cover folded over the spine. Not the most durable, but works great and looks good too. I'm not looking to insert photographs into a book, I plan to use the actual prints.

RC is preferable, but if there's some fantastic fiber option I should consider I'd love to hear it. Thanks!