Actually, the town remains mostly unpaved. They put in a new gas station on the main highway that skirts the east end and there are some new homes in the surrounding boonies, but the rest appears to be frozen in time. Funky.

The workshop that inspired this go-round happened some twenty years ago. Willie and Kevin had a group up there. They camped out on the floor of the historic community hall, soaked in the hot springs and had a grand time. So now that Kevin and Willie are well along in their careers, they want to do it again, catch up with old friends, with the added benefit of the tie-in to a statewide rephotographic project.

We have the use of the community hall again, so camping out there is still an option, or one can stay at Forest Service Campgrounds, or some of the local hotels.

I'm looking forward to it. I know Willie from his stint in Yosemite as a Kodak Ambassador. When the park marked its 100th anniversary, he had a bunch of his RIT students come in and participate in a rephotographic survey. Two of them stayed on in the park. One became the NPS photographer and the other went to become the manager of the Ansel Adams Gallery in Pebble Beach. Both were very talented and remain good friends.