you might consider something hand bound rather than a perfect binding.
i use a fiber paper, any fiber paper tipped ( glued ) onto water color paper ... and then a simple japanese open spine it isn't hard to stitch the pages together and make a closed-spine cover either ...

i have used rc paper ( kodak endura and the fuji crystal archive ) as well
as kodak kodabromide single weight, forte ( single weight ), seagull ( blue box )
and faux ilford fbmg ( rebranded photowarehouse made in england ), azo as well
as a handful of others.

the hand tipping ( i use rice or wheat paste ) is the hard part, the rest is a piece of cake. ( tipping the image onto water color paper makes it easy to write on the page. )

keith smith has a great series of books on book making and franz zeier's books boxes and portfolios that is helpful as well ...

good luck !