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hey all,

In my necessity for a cheaper alternative to Ilford fiber paper, I've gone "a-lookin" for a suitable replacement/substitue for making my proof prints and contact sheets on(not quality primarily for quality, but for cost). I stumbled across a listing(of about 20 or so similar to each other, all from Adorama) for fiber paper, mat or glossy finish. Available in multiple sizes and quanities.

anyone know off-hand if this paper's alright? Its pretty darn cheap too, $$$-wise at least. This is my primary incentive for wanting to try it out.

Hi Dan

Due to maunufacturer confidentially clauses I can't give the source, however, what I CAN tell you is that we have a high quality facility making and coating the papers for us and have these words on our packaging: “MADE IN THE EU”.

Feedback from customers has been that "Adorama’s Variable Grade darkroom paper has brighter whites and richer blacks than Ilford’s MG4, and at whopping savings!”

This is an IMPROVED version of the Resimbrom we used to carry, and there are sample packs available. 10 – 8x10” sheets; 5 of each surface:

VBSPF fiber base $5.75

VBSPR resin coated $3.95