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Can someone please tell me why Zeiss, Contax, Rollei, Leica, Voitander, Linhoff, Schneider etc dont all band together and create a new 30mm x 30mm specification for lens mount and film/digital backs (ala the 4/3 format by Olympus, except a larger sensor size).
Please, feel free to do so! Seriously.

Once you try you will know the answer.

BTW, Leica, Zeiss, Contax, Rollei, Voigtlander all use lenses and other components (like, entire bodies) manufactured in countries other than Germany. Mostly from Japan, just like Hasselblad.

I'm sorry to say that whenever I see threads like this get started they tread fearfully close to my own limits of tolerance w.r.t. Asia bashing. Why is it so hard to comprehend that perhaps many Asian products are simply great and can manage to do their jobs in a way that's highly competetive with products from the world over? As in, maybe better than German cameras for issues relating to actually making pictures?