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Why is it so hard to comprehend that perhaps many Asian products are simply great and can manage to do their jobs in a way that's highly competetive with products from the world over? As in, maybe better than German cameras for issues relating to actually making pictures?
Very true! As a matter of interest, I think Japanese dominance has less to do with the intrinsic superiority of their products and more to do with the fact that producers were/are market-led rather than engineering-led and had/have much better production engineering skills (i.e. skills at designing products which can be made easily and profitably).

Time and again, German camera makers would produce fantastic products at vast cost (Leica M3, Rolleiflex) and then find these were over-priced. In response. they would then make a further vast investment to design what were meant to be cheaper versions (Leica M2, Rolleicord) but were still complex to build and therefore unprofitable.