First off, don't ask -- either silently or out loud -- that is not street photography, as you lost the moment of spontinaity that Street photography is supposed to have. Use a smallish camera if possible and either a 35 or 50 mm prime lens. I use either a Contax slr with a fast Zeiss 50 prime or the Konica Hexar AF with its 35mm f2 lens. The hexar is etremely fast and quiet. I've been shooting street for years and still get the "looks" from time to time and on occasion I get confronted. But for the most part people are cool and they normaly don't notice me. If they do notice me I look past them, shoot and keep going. You have to think that you as a photographer have the right to create art and no one has the right to prevent you from doing so. And by the way, you will piss some people off just by walking down the street even if you don't have a camera.