Should I or not get this SQ-Ai
I have found very usefull info regardeing the quality of these cameras here and on other sites. Now that it have been discontinued the Hassy seem a better long time deal when it comes to accessories and lens purchase.
The problem is that the Hassys are still unaffordable and those I can afford are very old.
This SQ-Ai I have coming my way is as new, really. No dust on screen, no chips or scratches and no sign of use on tripod, even the back shows no sign of use. I find the price low in relation to the normal prices here in Denmark,
533 € for the kit. The cheapest very old H 500 is 800€ as a kit I don't know the age but it might be 20+ years or so.
Bronica is not very common in Denmark but shows up on the used market from time to time. Hassy lenses and accessories are still very expensive even if they are common. I can propably get a 150mm with the kit but I would like to ad a 50mm later.
Should I or not ?
Regards Søren