The 360 automatic is a good bet. I used 1 as a backup to my 195 and 180 pack cameras. The latter 2 are the all manual pack cameras and are excellent but, the price is about 10x for either compared to almost any of the automatics. I have about 20-25 of the automatics of various models and any can be very good if you learn to shoot with Polaroid film that is not like any other film. Even the plastic lens models can produce very good images. The corning glass lens is surprisingly as good as some of the really high priced name brands. The key to getting the best from the system is: 1) TRIPOD, 2) cable release or timer release, 3) understanding the film (find Ansel Adams book on the Polaroid, it is THE bible and a must read for anyone into Polaroid instant film) and, 4) TRIPOD. Hand holding the camera is like handholding a small lf and a challenge because of the layout and release. If using handheld, defintitely get eithe rthe cable release or timer release.

Each automatic camera has an exposure compensation control and I've found that they range varies both between models and even the same model so some testing is needed. I usually find a good starting point is -1 for the control. Also, get a lens shade. You'll need to rig something but it makes a difference when shooting in the sunlight.