The savings of a box of 100 sheets as opposed to 4 boxes of 25 sheets is exactly 1,90 EUR. Does anyone really care about this ?

All other price rebates which were present in the past were "political" rebates which were cut from the markup of the manufacturer.

Today there is no such markup left for the manufacturer which would enable us to continue this price model. We also canīt do anything if currencies suddenly drop like the UKP in 2009 or the USD recently.

It is a mystery to me how Ilford is getting along with this right now and for the time beeing we will be more expensive in certain markets.

We make a very small margin on our papers (less than 15%) and we will keep it that way. If we were acting in the "old style" we would also go bankrupt like Agfa, Forte and all the others.

Times are different now. Things are not like they were. Prices too.

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