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That's very cool that you got that to work; the shot looks good, too.

Guide me through this since I'm dumb, though; I see the cable release and time slider on the lens and I'd be okay using just time exposures, but don't know how to close the shutter by hand on the lens.

Also, can I just buy a copal 3 lensboard and jb weld on a hollowed-out rz67 lenscap to mount this thing?
If you really want to use the shutter speeds on the lens, the thing to do is use an rb lens instead, those have the speeds controlled on the lens. Then you can take the front piece off the rb and use it to cock the lens etc. Erie Patsellis has written about this here on apug many times.

With the rz 110, I hand-shutter only. An enterprising electrician could fire the shutter electronically but you'd still need the cocking mechanism.

Yes you could put it on a copal shutter if you feel so industrious. But I find that I can easily hand shutter reliably to a quarter sec or so and do lights on/off if I need faster, so that is fine for me. Again, I am mostly using it at close focus and macro, and with the available LF films, we're not talking fast shutter speeds.