press cameras are regularly sold on ebay, and it would be easy to see what the
"going price" is for the camera, and film holders and lens through a completed auction search.
sometimes these cameras go for a large sum of money, as a kit, sometimes they don't go for much money at all.

often times cameras have more sentimental value than they do commercial value. i have some
that were given to me that i use and make photographs with. even though they would sell for very little on the auction site
and could probably be found at a goodwill / garage sale ... it doesn't matter much to me. i use the cameras because they are fun
and i feel a connection with the people who may have owned it before me.

i agree and morgan and lester's book are the best way to really learn about graflex cameras. yours looks nice,
and the focal plane shutter makes it more useful than other cameras. you can use virtually any sort of lens as a camera lens
( things found on folding and box cameras, enlarger lenses, even magnifying glasses ), and the film holders let you
use inexpensive photo paper instead of film, and process one sheet at a time.

have fun with your new camera !