Fellow Postcard Exchangers,

I just wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, I haven't got round to printing my cards yet. I have developed quite a lot of film over the past few weeks, and I'm sure there's something somewhere on them worth printing. I'll just need a bit more time...

My apologies for my delay in printing.

And an apology for my delay in commenting on cards received so far. At least I can fix that issue right away. Cards received so far:

mooseontheloose, afternoon snooze. The perfect start of another round of this exchange. It is beautiful, the roof just shines, there's so much detail. Great.
gurkenprinz, 137 years of racing experience. Great shot, I'd say it's the perfect shutter speed for this shot. A historic shot. The crop with less height and more breadth really adds to the sense of motion.
Black Dog, nice trampoline action shot, lots of things happening.
drpsilver, a very prickly subject, a razor-sharp shot.
anikin, that surely is one lucky shot! Lovely.
George Nova Scotia, sure, the picture is on the front, and it certainly is a nice view, but to be honest, I can't stop looking at the back of this paper. That is something special...

I see I've received just six cards so far, looks like I'm not the only one who is delayed...