Even though I already had a Nikkormat and a silver F, I bought a black F. I had always wanted black one, but refused to pay a premium for one. I found this one in a pawn shop for $140 and snapped it up immediately (sans Vivitar lens, for which they reduced the price from $180). They did not know that black ones are more valuable than silver ones. To my credit, I do often (if not most of the time) use two SLRs when shooting 35mm, and it has relegated the 'Mat to backup/#3 duty.

I have a few older low-end cameras that I don't shoot much, or haven't shot at all yet...but I would not pay good money for something that I do not use. I got these free or for under five bucks each. I have a few square format 620 Brownies that I have tried, but after viewing the results from them and comparing them to my much earlier 120 Brownie No. 2 6x9, I do not think that spooling 620 from 120 is worth it just to use them. So, they sit and look cool, and that is all. The No. 2 actually gets used, and leaves me wanting for nothing, like the later plastic ones do. I also have a few cheap Polaroid cameras that have come my way, and I kept them intending to make pinhole cameras from them. It hasn't even come close to happening yet, and they are ugly as sin, so I think I will offer them to APUGers soon.