Don't get so excited.

See what others have posted.

We do not have fine enough tools available to us to test part of what you are describing. But, all we need are 3 points. ANSI Archival, Commercial and BAD. We get a "very bad" point as well. So, with the points we have being approximate, anything visually equal or better to Archival (or Commercial if that is your aim) is OK. Otherwise we need very exacting lab tests.

And, since it does not matter how we got there, your flow rates are not useful either. Especially since the local water supply can often introduce HUGE variations into the results. Greg has given us what works for him and a template to work from. It is an excellent test. As I said, I believe the actual lab results just as I believe the ones I did with paper. I would not believe any calculations on paper whatsoever.

My truism in photography is "Do what works for you!".

And, BTW, I used to get analyses of retained Silver using X-Ray Fluorescence and I got it as a function of fix time and wash time so that I could obtain data such as you calculate so that I could prove that fixation was complete in X minutes. But, I never relied on calculations, let alone stand-alone calculations!