Hello Folks

I need some advice or some answers for some small doubts I have for contact printing (small camera format, 135). I did try to search, didn't get the results I want.

1) Is it acceptable to lay around exposed papers around the darkroom for an hour or so before processing them? What if they're in a lightproof drawer?

2) Can I fit 6 frames / 7 strips onto a 9.5x12 paper? Are the 9.5x12 papers readily available as their counterparts (8x10, 11x14)?

3) Is it okay for you to split the contact prints into 2 papers if there is not enough room? (I can't fit 6 frames / 7 strips onto my 8x10 unless I crop the sides)

4) Contact printing over plastic (Printfile) sleeves, generally okay? I can't really seem to tell (Schneider 4x loupe). Maybe I am blind, there isn't any difference, or I am just plain lucky.

5) I need some help on a rapid processing procedure for my contact prints (I've got loads of films that needs to be proofed).

6) Slightly out of topic: I've read somewhere that I shouldn't store my negatives by stacking (one over the other) in sleeves and I should somehow leave some space 'aerate' them. Any ideas how?

7) Finally, any other useful online resource/guide specifically for small camera format contact printing to recommend... other than this forum of course