Can I get one sheet? It's all I need to see if it's worth the cost of a 25 sheet box. Seriously though what the heck happened to Oriental that caused it to be so bad and why haven't they fix it?

I used a bunch of 120 roll film on the last trip, the rolls were Adox 25 CHS, I knew it was prone to defects and wasn't disappointed, I exposed numerous frames on of each scene on each roll. Sure enough there they were small pinholes and small black things, intermittently on the film. I've used Adox since the 1970's and all from Freestyle, it seems that the film goes through periods of maladjustments.

Now with Ilford and Kodak and now Rollei Pan 25, not a problem, same developer and same method of development, flaw free film. I never had a roll of Panatomic X that was bad or had a defect, beat that for quality control. I'm a believer so I'm sticking to Ilford film and some Rollei Pan 25. The Fuji Acros 100 is clean, neat and dries flat, that a plus in my book, and it's also inexpensive as things go and like Kodak and Ilford is the other film that's available at B&H, Adorama, and Freestyle plus others and not, that's not just available at Freestyle.

As for paper I'm giving serious consideration to Ilford MG**, I've tried a few of the current papers and some are just flat and lifeless. Of course there is nothing like a Carbon Transfer print, the ultimate print.

Freestyle is a five star business and I appreciate all the company has done for me all these years. Adorama has been stellar in my opinion and I will continue to buy from them. I've not had a problem with B&H either.

So the op said MCC is back, I wasn't a big user of it before it was gone the first time, perhaps I was busy with Oriental like AA and others suggested.

I think one reason why it might be requested from the manufacturer in 25 sheet boxes is when the end buyer sees the cost of a 100 sheet box they might have sticker shock.

There is another solution, use AZO, now gone but some can be had second hand, or Lodima from Michael Smith, it's a high quality contact printing paper, the only drawback or a plus as the case may go, is that it is a contact printing paper so those who projection print, enlarge, are out of luck unless they shoot at a size that they want for the final image. Now we are talking about Edward Weston and not Ansel Adams.