I posted a couple months back that I had experienced some negative things with the Rollei/Compard Chemistry.
I am happy to report that my second development attempt was much better. The first batch of chems I got from Rollei, the bleach was very dark and created a ring on the interior of the container, it was green. DO NOT USE THIS BLEACH! The 'good' bleach looked more urea colored, and became a nice amber IPAish color when it had been through 2-4 rolls. I developed 10 rolls with the kit all at 100F, moving up incrementally 15 seconds per 2 rolls seemed to work nicely for the pint kit.

My initial worries are laid to rest, but, as seems to be the consensus, check your chemicals! I developed a range of films this time and everything turned out very well except for some Ektachrome VS100 that was pretty blown out. I did shoot it at 64EI, so, i'm probably to blame for that one. I also dev'd sensia, provia400 provia100 reala 100 CN400 NPHII and portra 100T with this batch. All the films came out nicely, except where my camera work was shoddy. This is a good product, but i still have to match it to the Arista E-6 kit to be sure. It beats hell out of the Unicolor kit, thats for certain (when the chemicals are good)