Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and doubts all.

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Good Evening, Yoricko,

2--I assume you're referring to 36 exposure 35mm film. The question I have is in regard to "6 frames/7strips."
5--Contact printing is a tedious, time-consuming process. Unless you have access to professional lab-type processing equipment, resign yourself to spending plenty of time. If you find a magic solution to reduce the time and effort significantly, please let me know.

Enjoy your work!


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Step back and ask yourself: Do you really need to contact print everything? I find after a while the negatives make sense to me and I am getting a better idea of how they'll look when enlarged so I can decide which to bother enlarging and which to think about for a moment about what I could do next time to make that shot printable rather than discardable. I put negatives in the enlarger with the easel and a focus sheet to check for sharpness, I focus using the focus aid and then look at the whole picture for sharpness to again, decide if I should bother to print it or not.

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On point 5:

2) I bulk load the films myself and I prefer long rolls because I shoot... a lot. Usuually each roll will have 40 frames on average, once in a while I get 42

5) Guess I need to find some magic genie lamp somewhere in the darkroom.


Well, it seems like I'm not at that level yet.


But I was told by a instructor to make test strips for everything. Did she really meant, everything, all the time, forever? Or only while I'm still a newbie?

Won't different batches of film, paper, developer, and chemicals slightly alter the results every single time? Or are the differences negligible?

Ah that book, I should get it soon. ACtually, I do have the 3rd book from the Ansel Adams series lying around in my bookshelf, waiting to be read.

Thanks again