I found filmemporium - 5th at google search - sells many many most modern Kodak Movie Films at a price 0,16 dollars per feet and they cut whatever you want.
I looked their 35 mm Kodak page and there are films and their sample shots at their side.
I liked some of them and hated some of them.
Some cold steel blue sea and discusting yellow , red like digital also available at their collection.
I dont know what happened to 50s excellent technicolor colors but some of new movies have terrible colors like Da Vinci Code.
I found lowest listed vision 3 200 ASA film which have some fashion shots are the closest 70s ektachrome real kodak shots.
Holmburgers , 100 feet cost 16 dollars plus shipping from ground ups costs 12 dollars to kansas.
Yes older the Leica is better , older the Kodak is better.
They could not do it upside down !
And 10 spoon of borax to few liters of warm water and a sponge reported at Cinema Konvas forum for to remove carbon backing in a glue.
Than C41.
I saw some 5222 BW Double X D76 pictures at that forum and this is the film I wanted , light gives an texture , not death film.