If you're not going to do it in trays, and you don't want to or can't spend a couple hundred bucks for a Jobo Expert drum, then the 2500 series tanks are the way to go.

I started with the Yankee thing. The streaking was so bad I think I was using the combi-plan tank within two weeks. The unevenness was bad, and I just couldn't load the thing easily, so after another month or so I had the 2500 tank. That's a dream compared to the others.

I now use an Expert drum on a Beseler motor base because it's much easier to load than the others, allows me to be much more consistent with the process, and because the times are shorter for rotation agitation there is less temperature change during the process. AND I can use it over and over again when it's wet. I now can do 10 sheets in 36 minutes, 20 sheets in 50 minutes, and 30 sheets in 80 minutes from holders to dryer. I was never able to work so fast or so consistently with the other systems. But it is pricey, so the 2500 system is a good alternative.