I hadn't checked my post office box for a few weeks now. I'd leave home before the post office opened and finally make my way home well after it closed, but today I finally had time to go and clean it out. Amongst the bank statements and postcards (Postcard exchange round #21), I had my first print from this exchange. Rob, your print is absolutely gorgeous. In the last round of the Blind Print Exchange I received an infrared from Yosemite, and I must admit the place fascinates me more and more. It's also my first 8x10 contact print, and it's just so damned crisp in every way. The nip of the snow and the warm blacks tones - it's just perfect.
I have to thank you for your letter and your kind words about my print - I can only hope that when we next run into eachother in an exchange, the level of my craftsmanship is at least a little closer to yours. This really is an inspiring print.