First, I never made any claims. I stated I was going to test the published washing methods and test it against a Hypo Eliminator using HT-2 solution and post the results. That is what I did, and I have refrained from making any conclusions from the tests. The results of the test are what they are.

Second, if you want me to produce more conclusive tests that meet your needs, then give me the mass spectrometer or whatever tools are needed and the training to use them. I am an artist, not a chemist. This test is designed to give me a visual approximation so that my non-chemist training can have something to work from. But as I said at the beginning, if you want more conclusive evidence, then do the tests yourself and get back to us with the results. The whole reason I did this is because people were arguing, as you are, without actually doing the tests and seeing the results. If you disagree with the data here, then prove it wrong with results.