I ordered 200' of short ends of Vision3 500T from FilmEmporium, assuming I'd get 2 or 3 spools that added up to that much - what I got was a factory sealed 200' can! To my knowledge Kodak doesn't currently sell it on 200' spools, but the film has not been on the market that long so either they only offered it that way for a short time, or it was a special order for someone who didn't use all of it, and who sold the leftovers to FilmEmporium. I have the split reels and winders necessary to spool it down to fit in my bulk loaders, what I don't have for another week or two is TIME. Assuming nobody else has made any progress on this before then, I'll send out some 36-exposure carts to people that want to try it - might as well get Cinelab a lot of business! (At .16 a foot I'm not worried about the cost of giving some of it away to fellow enthusiasts...) I also have some older 250D from both Kodak and Fuji.