I seem to be confused with the availability. In 2001 I ran Agfa Classic through my Lambda and was successful making mural prints. I loved the fact I could process with safelight and as well the warmth of the paper.
It now seems that this is new emulsion and not just leftover Classic rebranded and in new boxes. I am not interested in this option.
I have not been convinced that Adox made the new emulsion in large rolls.
This now seems to be fact , or at least it seems probable but I have wanted to hear this directly from the horses mouth before purchase.
I will phone Freestyle next week and give it a go.
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Bob, maybe you are some list. But rather that of oblivion...

You raised that question of long rolls of barytated paper before and were already referred to 100' rolls MCC:


To my own surprise I did not forget that.