When I was in my 20's Leica, Linhof and Rollei were pretty much in the drivers seat. Hasselblad was just getting their foot into the American door. Leica was not producing any SLR cameras and neither was Rollei. It seemed to me that the had a smug attitude that played directly into the hands of Nikon,Canon, Mamiya, Pentax. The Japanese produced innovative cameras at more resonable prices. It is NOT my opinion that these Japanese cameras were as good as their German counterparts. A s an example, although I owned a very satisfactory Nikon SP with 4 lenses I did not then as I do not now believe it equaled Leicas M series. Leica did some early development of an autofocus back when Pentax/Honeywell was the only game in town. The showed a system as I recall Correctofoc. They never produced it. In the USA Rollei pretty much gave Hasselblad the USA market by being slow to introduce their SL66. I do not believe that Hasselblad SLRs are inately superior to Rolleis but the damage was done as far as the USA market is concerned...they have, thankfully been market leaders in Europe.. In fact the Rollei SLR cameras could rightfully be considered the most technological 120 cameras ever produced. Too little too late

So, Leica now has financial problems. Leica rangefinder cameras, as far as I am concerned remain the gold standard for camera quality and handling but they chose to put themselves into a niche and are seeing the result. It is really sad.

Zeiss with their Contarex produced a fine 35mm camera but I believe the fact that it did not offer ground glass focussing was a very grave error. It took Zeiss a long time to get out of their ivory tower and build auto focus slr
lenses. This I believe has impacted Contax sales. Rolleis 35mm slr cameras were another good example of too late.

I believe with the proper engineering and manufacturing that first quality cameras can be built anywhere in the world that has an educated workforce available.