freestyle told me that you are in contact and since then I got this point off my list thinking it was all sorted out in respect to information flow.

We only have a limited amount of MCC in 30 meter rolls in stock now (abut 10 pce) and I have not started marketing it towards you and other labs because I canīt reproduce wide rolls at this point and didnīt want to create a demand which then canīt be supplied.

(We had a pencil line on all masterrolls of the last production in the summer and thus we can cut around for sheets but cant make wide rolls).

The next coating will probably take place in march so we expect to be able to fill orders reasonably in Mai and then I wanted to start spreading the word.
We are now out of 10 meter rolls already and thus we put the 30 meter rolls up in the webshop as an alternative.

Kind regards,