Ulrich, Mike,

we are among the named paper manufacturers the smallest and because we are a new company we have write offs in our calculation.
Thus our production price per sqm is higher than with the competition.

We need to sell our paper to peole who value the options of another alternative.
MCC is unique and has highest quality. It features a silver chloride silver bromide emulsion alowing it to be developed both cold and warm. It is in general competitively priced with some exceptions.
If someone shops very price oriented and comes acros such an exeption MCC is probably not the best choice.

No one is making heaps of money in this industry.

Our goal is to proof that analogue materials can be made in a large variety and at fair prices- even on a small scale.
This ensures supply for you all in the future.

We are not price leaders and never intended to become such.

Ulrich made a good point. We are struggeling to finance our stock between coating cycles. Our balance sheet has more than tripled in the last 2 years and still we are sometimes out of certain sizes for a few weeks. If I was to create another article like e.g. 100 sheet boxes of 8x10 the material going into these boxes has to be prefinanced for an average of 9 months and the confectioning expenses for about 3 months. This needs capital or I make less of the other sizes running a higher risk to run out of 16x20 for example.
And we are not talking about hundreds of euros here. We are talking hundreds of thousdands per paper product.

This is why I asked in the beginning if anyone would be interested in 100 sheets with a 2 dollar discount.
The response was as I expected it.

There is also a handling savings advantage in a bigger box. Factoring this all in we might be able to get to a 5-6 dollar saving.

Would that start to be more interesting ?