An endangered species! Today its video and youtube thats the name of the game.

On Haiti when the earthquake hit, the newspapers and the networks alarmed the journalists on site :

They did NOT want photograps! They wanted video. And photograpers on site (there very very few of them initially) was instructed not to take pictures, but use their cameras, including their SLRs as videocameras, even if the video quality was below par.

Why? Because those who got the first video out could sell it to TV networks, and the pictures required to illustrate the video on Youtube could be gravbbed from the film itself.

Commenting on this a veteran photojournalist said that in just a few years there would be no photograpers, no photojournalists, but a buch of kids making video for Youtube ands selling it cheap to the networks....

If it was my daughter, I'd steer her in another direction!