Analog photograpy IS dead. Because the photoshops are dead.

In most of the world its now impossible to buy film, save for a few big cities where one occasionally can find a hangout for nitwits like us!

I got a telephone from a friend who know my dark secret. He'd come across a camera, Canon EOS IX7. Asked if there was film for it.
"Yes, its called APS". "Could not find anyone selling film (for it) in the city's biggest mall, noone"
"bring the camera to me, I'll have a look" (and I'll take it off your hands for nothing!) <whistle>

Didn't you all notice, Kodak invested X millions in China, setting up film production lines, probably thinking they could live well from selling old technology to the "backward masses of China". After two years they sold off theire shares with hughe losses and pulled out, the chinese buy digital, and someone collects their thrown-out old fashioned film cameras dang cheap, turrns around and sell them with i hughe profit to us!