often times in the smaller newspapers the reporters
are the ones taking the photographs for their stories.
it isn't uncommon for the papers to get rid of the photography staff
and give the p/s camera to the writer, after all s/he knows what sort
of photographs / images can best illustrate what s/he is writing.

often times, like with anything in the arts, visual media &C it isn't necessarily
the education you have from a school but your portfolio. there is no accreditation
for freelance photographers in any of the areas - commercial / advertising, portraiture, or editorial work or ..
it's all what the person has in their book / portfolio. this isn't really something new ...
i worked with a portrait photographer for about a year after graduating from a college ... this was in the 1980s and she was trained in the great depression.
when we talked about education &C, she kind of laughed, and took me to "the wall of portraits"
and said something like " see these, this is what people care about, not what school you went to " ...

i am not really sure how alternative music magazines hire and use their staff,
but i am guessing there are a lot of people wearing a few different hats,
and the more skills someone has ( writing, schmoozing, and a good eye )
which include " new media " like DV &C ... the better off someone will be.

even in the world of commercial photography ..
clients want the disk burned and handed to them before the set
is even torn down ( sometimes ) and other times they want
the whole thing shot in DV for web content, and still images cherry picked
from the stream. i don't see news media being much different ...
might as well be on top of the heap with experience in everything ..