I work for a midsize daily. I would say to anyone to follow their passion, but with one proviso to your daughter:

Do not expect to work for a newspaper. They are (mostly) run by capricious, money-grubbing short-sighted accountants who have ruined the long-term viability of the business. There is nothing but cutbacks ahead for newspapers...don't waste your time. Sorry to sound like a downer, but no enterprise with decades of plodding, behind the curve, poor decision making can expect much better.

However, that said there is no rule that says newspapers have a monopoly on the production and distribution of photojournalism. There are plenty of people and organizations getting it done. Photojournalism is telling stories -- there are a hundred different ways to tell a story...nowadays, it's more up to you to make that decision.

Film making, exhibitions, self published books, photographic collectives, freelancing to media outlets...the list goes on.

Two examples of this are some collectives newly started in Canada...Boreal Collective and Rogue Collective. Google them (Boreal is on Facebook too) as well as a great example of a guy making his own way in photojournalism, Louie Palu. He's newly back from Afghanistan, where he's spent a few years with troops. He's had covers of Newsweek, spreads in national newspapers, exhibitions, looking to do his own film from footage gathered in the field, etc etc.

Money wise, well...you won't get rich. By any means. Never say never, but it's something you have a passion for. I can also echo the suggestions to contact working professionals in the field in your area.