Years ago I got a good looking shot of a friends cabin. Set up before dusk, turn on the lights, meter inside the house (or lit landscape) for exposure, then you've got a couple of choices,,, I just waited till it looked good and bracketed a couple.

I think you'd be better off just metering the siding of the house (some part of the landscape that's just natural light), somewhere,,, and take a shot every 1/2 or 1 f stop of change till it looks a bit darker than you want. (leave the camera set to properly expose the interior of the house(lit landscape)). (I was shooting chrome of some sort back then). That will give you a well exposed interior without having to squint test the flicking light switches. I did try the paint with light thing as a young person,,, never did get it really well.

I'll try to explain again if I totally confused the issue with the house interior/exterior example. I know that works.