In terms of money expended its a lot of $ but you are getting quite a bit of bang for your buck. The pick of the bunch in that outfit (IMO) is the 240mm Fujinon. Its a remarkably compact lens for the focal length and I don't see them going cheap on Ebay or the classifieds. You don't have a dud lens in that outfit. I would point out that the 65mm would need to be on a recessed board to be fully effective and, ideally, a set of bag bellows would be a welcome addition. I am a relative newcomer to LF myself and can say from experience the greatest virtue for the newcomer is patience. You will make a lot of mistakes, its the nature of the format, and overcoming the frustration of failed images is a challenge. However once you get into it LF photography has an unique attraction. Its a very relaxing, almost therapeutic way of making images and the quality will blow your socks off when you get it right.

I hope you will enjoy what is a fascinating photographic journey.