That kit is very very close to what I have put together over the last 3 years. $1000 bucks is a big initial outlay and I agree with 2F/2F that it's good to be sure of what you want before jumping in so heartily. But...... I think the Tachihara is great, especially if you're contemplating a lot of field work that you'll hike to. The lenses are a great set of sizes, although I'm a little confused by the 65mm, that sounds shorter than you can use on the Tachihara. The Calumet back is designed for 220, so not sure how well it will work with 120, although I wouldn't be surprised if it's totally fine. You can certainly do this cheaper (rail camera, one lens and some learning time), but if you think you know what you want, you're getting a very nice kit.