4 lenses and a camera for $1000 is a good deal as long as the lenses are in working order (shutters aren't all gummed up).

You'll also want some film & supplies that probably aren't free. If you do darkroom now, you might have half this stuff.
$75 1 box of film (tmy2 is my choice)
$? 1 changing tent if you don't have a darkroom or temporary darkroom
$0 some anti static bags for storing/transporting the loaded film holders (probably free from computer repair places or IT departments)
$90 system for developing the film (combiplan tank, or mod photographic reel and used 3-roll sized paterson tank)
$50 chemicals
$30 quality stainless thermometer
$25 negative pages for storing processed film
$10 measuring container, funnel, etc..

Then you'll have some potentially nice negatives which you can scan ($400ish and up for an epson v700 or better) or get the stuff for printing it. Used 4x5 enlargers will cost you more to transport than their purchase price; keep an eye on your local craigslist or ebay sorted by distance. If you buy one online at Ebay or here or something, figure $150 shipping if the seller is willing to prepare it for shipping and put it on a pallet.