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Personally for the number of shots you would get from a roll of film (4?) you could use regular film holders and just make a mask for your ground glass for composition which is what I do. But then i am extremely cheap and really don't do alot of panoramic shots.
I guess you could, I've got guidelines drawn on my GG for different formats, as well as using cut-out masks... butI'll tell you, I'd rather get six (6 shots when shooting 6x12) shots to a roll than one to a sheet when it ends up in the same format. Just me though, I like 6x12, it's kind of a 'fat panoramic', but if you didn't shoot wide very much, then I guess a whole sheet would do. The up-side of that is, if your wide composition doesn't work well, you've still got the rest of the full 4x5 neg to fall back on.