I have 20 rolls of 35mm 36 exposure Kodachrome 64 Professional for sale.

All were purchased from the same professional photographer a few years ago. He always stored them in a non-frost-free freezer at -20 deg. C. Since I had purchased them, I stored them the same way. I have shot over 80 rolls of these (both batch numbers) that I had purchased from the photographer. All rolls were fine with no noticeable color change, when compared to similar shots from fresh rolls. I assure you that these rolls shoot fine.

I have 16 rolls of film with an expiry date of 04/89 and 4 rolls of film with an expiry date of 12/1992. I find the exposure to be best by shooting the 1992 rolls at EI 64 and the 1989 rolls at EI 50, but those are just my preferences. Remember, the color has not visibly shifted at all.

I am selling these rolls at $10 USD per roll, which includes shipping inside the United States of America. Outside of the USA, please contact me for a shipping quote. I am happy to ship anywhere in the world.

Remember that Kodachrome processing is as easy as dropping it inside of a film send away envelope available at WalMart, among other places. Last that I checked, processing Kodachrome (K-14 process) was under $7 per roll at WalMart, after taxes, here. This may be your last chance to shoot this legendary film before all Kodachrome processing ceases on the 31st of December 2010.

I accept payment via PayPal or USPS Money Order. Please contact me ASAP regarding any questions that you may have or if you wish to purchase one roll, or all 20. First come, first serve. Thank you.