Thanks again all -

I'm primarily an outdoor, wander-about photographer. I've dabbled in studio work but I don't think its my thing. That was what lead me to a field camera; the more portable something is, the more likely I am to use it. Once I get comfortable with it, I expect this will also become a reason to do a little more traveling with my wife.

I develop 35mm and 120 at home using a dark bag and daylight tank. I haven't decided on tray vs tank yet for 4x5. I was already planning to set up a darkroom in the garage though with a 4x5 enlarger. This will just accelerate that plan. I'll probably shoot roll film at first while I continue getting that set up. Once I do, I plan to shoot primarily 4x5 sheet and leave the MF to the MF cameras.

At that point, my goal would be to make prints for 4x5 shots (probably a mix of contact prints and 8x10s at first). To get work online, I'm going to try to stick with scanning prints. I scan negatives right now in absence of a darkroom but I have a 8800f. I'm going to try to keep 4x5 more analog at least for a while.