jscott's post jogged my memory.

My post #5 above isn't right, I did buy one camera because it was so beautiful but I had a use in mind for it, I didn't get it only because it was beautiful. I wanted to shoot superslides. There were many nice 4x4 TLRs available, including Baby Rolleis like jscott's. AFAIK nearly all people who shot superslides used TLRs, except the ones who had Komaflexes and cursed a lot.

I went to a camera show, saw and handled a Primo Jr. Gem-like is the only word for the Primo Jr and its twin the Sawyer's MK IV. Not to be disrespectful to you and your camera, jscott, but in comparison with the Primo Jr. the Baby Rollei seems shabby.

Eventually I bought a MK IV. Still have it, and it is still a jewel.

A few days after I bought my MK IV Kodak discontinued 127 size Ektachrome. I later bought some very expensive 127 Ektachrome from Film For Classics. Those <deleteds> had attached the film to the wrong end of the backing paper. The Primo Jr/MK IV has automatic frame spacing after the film has been advanced to frame 1, has the normal red window (with blind) for telling when frame 1 has been reached. I'm still mad at FFC.