Again I say, everyone here is reinforcing the same things that I have been telling her. I want my children to do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do meaning that if they have an interest and they can pursue it as a career they will be much happier than I am. What parent does not want their children to exceed what they themselves have done. I want only for her to do better than I have and to be happy doing it. The problem lies with balancing what will pay the bills with what makes you happy and that can be a precarious line to walk. If I remember correctly, I think that Suzanne was on Analogue Photography Radio and I could not wait to get my daughter to listen to it but as is usual with teenagers, she could not be bothered. I believe that she enamored with the "romance" of band photography and not so much with the reality of the job. I tell her that if she really wanted to be a photographer she would have a camera with her at all times and film to go in it but she can't be bothered. I love her dearly but she drives me crazy