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I want my children to do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do meaning that if they have an interest and they can pursue it as a career they will be much happier than I am.
Just a note from someone who has done this....

My childhood hobbies were electronics and ham radio. My first part-time job was selling ham radio equipment and my first job was an electronics technician assisting an engineer. I sort of grew into computer field at its infancy and later became IT tech/management. Then I got much more interested into it and support technician then to a programmer.

Not that I don't enjoy my job and I do. Not that there is anything else I'd rather be doing for my job. One thing I miss A LOT is having a hobby and enjoying it for the heck of it. If you notice, anything and everything I enjoyed became my job. As soon as something becomes a job, all the fun part of the field goes out the picture. In a sense, one loses a hobby.

Something to think about....

I actually started film photography BECAUSE digital photography is so much like my job. I still do it because it isn't my job but analog has nothing to do with computers. (other than being on APUG.... )

As you talk to your daughter about her choice of future career, I'd appreciate it if you keep this in back of your mind.