Thanks to all that responded. I got interested in stock photography a few years ago and read up on all the stuff Rohn Engh had at First they said to take slides or black and white, so after doing that, now they say you really need digital. However the hard part is finding a market for your shots and really learning that subject. Ofcourse it helps to write a 1000 word article on what you shot if you want to make a sell. Fine art is great for meeting people at art shows but not for making money I have heard. Weddings are great money makers unless you wake up the day of the wedding with a 102 degree temperature and a desire to sit on the throne. In any of these attempts, if you go through the hassle of filling out income tax forms and buying extra insurance for your vehicle and damage insurance you end up with little to show for it. That is why I was wondering if any of you are making a living off of your photography. Thanks again.