I recently found an old Burke and James 4x5 studio camera in my school's photo room. It was without a lens or lensboard but had everything else.

Expressing interest, my teacher let me take it home. I managed to make a lensboard out of an old DVD cases and fit on (albeit with a lot of duct and masking tape) a Kodak Ektar 127mm f/4.7 lens I took off an old Graflex press camera.

I have a box of Arista EDU 100 film and I managed to develop a sheet in my normal 120 film tank. I used my own Caffenol-C recipe for the developer.

I am surprised by the size, although I have shot a lot of 6x9. I did a quick low quality scan.

I can read the text clearly on the screen:

Just wanted to share my first REAL large format experience!