As an enthusiast I've made money doing portraits and head shots for actors/models/friends and the odd occasion. I actually made more money in video, but it was professionally. My buddy shoots weddings/portraits/occasions etc and barely gets by. They usually want him for altar returns and only the occasional reception. The middle class is cheap in Florida and customers don't want to pay much, especially nowadays. Your doing good to sell a $800 wedding, but there are months that no work come in.
As has been discussed over the last ten years here in threads and elsewhere, many with a digital camera came to considers themselves a photographer and sought to become wedding photographers, whether by choice or by a request from a friend getting married. Eight years ago or so the market income was practically cut in half down home due to advances in digital cameras and the plethora of art students looking to make money after school. That was approximately when labs started going out of business. So it's a tough biz. You need a good book, lots of contacts or work for a bigger shop booking dates. As a individual, if you can hook up with a DJ and grease their palm you'll do better, which my friend does, but it's still hard. I believe tho that it depends on the region your in. I've seen some very prolific companies/ individuals doing quite well in the past but from areas of the nation where money still flows.